My capsule menswear collection, ‘The Excessive Gentleman’.

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White satin and sequin-trimmed dress design and styled by me, for ‘Guys & Dolls’ stage production.

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My costume designs for ‘Guys & Dolls' are finally coming together! This look just needs some long satin gloves and it's complete. :)

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In the process of designing costumes for my my high school alumni production company’s performance of ‘Guys & Dolls’ in October. This is for the female chorus in their ‘Take Back Your Mink’ dance scene.

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Finally finished making this lace top which I have been putting off for almost six months. It is for my dad’s colleague and she was willing to pay me, but I am opting to give it to her free of charge due to it taking so freaking long and because of my sheer laziness lol…

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Finally finished both my dresses and had my presentation today. And I passed! Thank God! There were some major construction issues with the cut-outs and mixing of fabrics, but despite that, I was pretty happy with my concepts overall. :)

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Another design to be finished as well as the other one by Wednesday…

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So close yet so far… I have so much left to do on this dress (and another one) before the presentation on 15th June. The blue is all lining so I still need to attach the skirt, and add a band of sequins to the neckline.

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A work in (very slow) progress…. French-seaming heavy lace is not fun, especially on a domestic machine. *sigh*

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A very vague sneak-peak of an evening wear assignment I’m working on…

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My favourite shot from my photoshoot today. Jacket and skirt designed by me, worn by the fabulous @beclousim. <3

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Finally completed my suit from last semester! It needed some tweaking on the hem and the addition of the diamante-studded buttons before I do a photo shoot on Monday, so I finally spent today adding the finishing touches. About time too. :)

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